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Generali 365 Application

Generali 365 derived from the intention of Generali that has “a wish to look after our dear customers everyday”; a wish to return gratification to customers having trust in our company as well as a wish to be a part to bestow upon the happiness to your everyday lives. Until today, Generali has launched the Application, “Generali 365” under the concept, “Taste, Rest, Chill” (ชิม พัก ชิล) which is ready to deliver the privileges and good services such as a variety of food and drinks discounts, from food shops and restaurants, lodging both hotels and resorts, hospitals, movie houses, beauty institutes and many others in order to create new excitement and happiness to customers. Persons entitled to use this Application will not be limited to Generali’s customers, but, including the general public who can use all these privileges, as well. Other than the privileges and discounts, Generali 365 is readily equipped with special features such as verification on the remaining benefits and checks on the history on indemnification claims, searches for hospitals and clinics under network of more than 400 places near your homes, request for premium payment certificates through the Application. All these are implemented to facilitate our customers’ use to be easier and to enable Generali to best look after all of you.

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