Generali : Main Competitor in insurance business of the world

Generali : Main Competitor in insurance business of the world.

Generali is the main competitor in insurance business of the world. For almost two hundred years that Generali has created the multinational company that expands branches in more than 60 countries by earning revenues on the total premium of more than 74 billion Euro in 2015 and accounting for the assets of over 480 million Euro under the management. With the existing revenues and assets, Generali has become the first ranking insurance company in Italy and the 3rd world largest insurance company*


In addition, Generali is rated in the one of the 50 smartest companies of the world.

The foundation on the international level expertise of Generali group, stability and company networks have made Generali Thailand one of the progressive and distinctively outstanding insurance companies as well as stable financial institution of Thailand worthwhile to be watched over.

*Source: Ranking of Fortune Top Ten Global Insurance Companies by Revenue 2013 (US $ Bn)
** Source: Ranking of “50 Smartest Companies 2015” of MT Technology Review”