Group Insurance Services for Business and SME Customers

Group Insurance Services for Business and SME Companies

Generali Thailand has been offering group insurance services for business and SME companies in Thailand for more than ten years.

Generali Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd., is the largest Life Assurance Company in Italy and the world’s 3rd largest company of its kind.

Presently, Generali Thailand is one of the industry’s leaders in group insurance business on a national level providing group life and health insurance to over 500 leading companies. By offering quality and international standard services at a trust-worthy price, what we provide helps uplift the quality of life to all staff within an organization. This is deemed to be an essential factor in making these particular organizations successful in business in accordance with their set goals in Thailand.

Life and health insurance are two of the most-requested benefits of working for a registered company. Generali Thailand life and health insurance offers stability and the security of doing business with a large firmly established company with a long track record of providing excellent health coverage to our many customers.


Key Features of Generali Group Insurance:


Coverage Plans in various forms can be selected by the type of business category and number of staff within the organization. We offer services, including life insurance, health insurance, and accident insurance. The initial requirement to the insured company is a minimum employee number of from 5 persons upwards. Our low-cost insurance premiums start from only 2,350 Baht per person/year.

We provide a Health Insurance Card to every member. This can be used without a requirement to advance any payment whatsoever. The card can also be used to help facilitate making claims quickly and conveniently; just produce it before receiving services.


Providing Health Insurance Card which can be used without a requirement to advance any payments. Card can be used to facilitate in making claims easily and conveniently; just produce it before receiving services.


Generali Thailand currently offers the strongest network of leading quality hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities at over 400 locations all over Thailand. See the names of the hospitals in the Network Link. Click.


We offer a guaranteed timeframe of not more than 30-minutes in claiming medical treatment expenses in the case of in-patient treatment. This is after notification of the desire to make the payment on medical treatment expenses before leaving the hospital.


We have a hotline operating 24-hours, 365 days a year to provide advice and services relating to medical treatment expense claims.

Staff can verify the customer’s historical medical records on treatment cost requisitions throughout 24 hours via E-Group Service Link. Download


Generali Thailand insurance customers have the opportunity to receive numerous privileges from a variety of leading allied shops all year long from GEN365 Application Link. Download

For additional details of the Group Insurance, contact

Tel: 02-685-3828  Ext. 711, 712, 764 (Monday-Friday, 08:30 hours – 20:00 hours).