Strategy and Business Plan - Global Standard Insurance Company in Thailand | GENERALI

Strategy and Business Plan


  • Lifting up level of both the experience and value for customers by offering our products, services and management system on customer relations which are transparent, specifically suitable to each customer, flexible and creative with innovations in order to respond to the needs and new expectations of customers.
  • Consistently providing supports on competency of agents who are one of our important forces by offering tools, services and new management plans on customer relations for agents including deploying distribution plan through the mixed channels for use as an integrated method.
  • Offering smart products and services and being user-environmentally in all product and service categories (real estate insurance and loss insurance, life assurance and health insurance) by developing products and services which are easy to understand, easy to use and flexible and can be connected through online channel. In addition, the design is made to suit different needs of the customers. Moreover, we have enlarged the definition of the term, “coverage” from being formerly used to be just the accident administration to be the better and sustainable cares of health by supporting the accident prevention actions. If any accident should have occurred, we would provide assistance for the accident and peril management all the way to the steps of medical treatments and rehabilitation for good health in the long term.
  • Increasing the flexibility and efficiency with flexible business plan which is the foundation of our operational system in all aspects ranging from our own internally system up to customer relationship management. We would attain such goal by adhering to our three key principles which are, discipline, simplification, and determination where the strategy of which was begun to be used prior and that at the present our performance has demonstrated an utterly satisfactory result.
  • Opportunity is opened wide to accept new innovation on the aspects of technology, working process, products and services by forming up the Excellence Center which will be dedicated to the in-depth analysis in order to gather and develop skills and expertise learned and accumulated by company group in the Region during these recent years. Moreover, we are still moving forward to create strategic relations with our allies who are market leaders in each industrial sector.
  • Supporting the competency and participation of personnel through continuous and systematic personnel development because we foresee the importance of our personnel and are well aware that personnel are our vital factors who will make the development to give rise to major change in a sizable company having international branches, such as our company.